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Latin Name: Hedera Helix There are 15 species of ivy in the UK.

Ivy is a lady’s name & I’m sure is well suited, however, in our profession of Garden Care & Maintenance it can cause many problems unless professionally looked after.

Over many years of providing garden maintenance in Sussex we have dealt with some of the worst invasive ivy problems ever seen.

As a very aggressive creeper, unless it’s kept under control ivy can cause so much damage to property such as fences, in some cases it’s only the ivy that holds the fences up!

Here are some recent photos of the extensive & expensive damage it has caused.

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Ivy can crush guttering, waste pipes, soffit boards, face tiles, roof tiles, Sky dishes, television aerials & brickwork! In one case we were asked to remove ivy from a roof, but after just a few hours we put a hold on the job as the ivy had actually entered the loft. We advised the client to contact her insurance Company and to make a claim as the ivy had damaged a large section of the roof. Unfortunately, they declined her claim as the property was not maintained within her terms of cover! So please BEWARE & get your Ivy maintained or removed before it causes expensive problems.

The best way to train ivy against a brick wall is to fit wall brackets & training wires 6 inches away from the wall, then when pruning time is due, prune off all the inbound shoots.

For advice or a free quote on ivy control, fencing repairs or any other garden services in Haywards Heath & surrounding areas of West Sussex, please contact us.


Another invasive but pretty climber is Wisteria, as you can see from the photos shown below. We had a job in Haywards Heath recently to remove a Wisteria with a base root of over 12 inches! It was crushing a soil waste pipe & a wrought iron balustrade. It took several hours of hand saw work to remove, as it was too dangerous to use chain saws. This is another plant that needs careful planting (away from drains & soil pipes) and should be annually maintained.

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Climbing Hydrangea

One other invasive climber is a climbing Hydrangea, it’s very pretty but you need to keep it under control as it can easily grow 60 – 80 feet tall!

If you need any advice on climbing plants, their control or any other garden maintenance please contact me.

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