Take a look at some of the work we have previously carried out for customers. You can click a category to jump straight to it or click an image to enlarge it.

Creepers removed

In late spring it gives a brilliant display of colour but be very careful as you can see from a house in Ditchling Sussex.

After a days hard work all creepers were removed, even from growth into brick work Window frames gutters.

Several years ago we work on a similar project but owing to 20 plus years we found it had penetrated the loft. It cost the client over £20,000 for a new roof. Their insurance company refused any compensation as the client had not maintained their property.

New shed made to measure

A new shed made to measure with insulation, all new shelves and lighting. Any shed made to precise dimensions has a concrete bed laid.

Sheds made to measure

Yes any shed yes any size to what ever you require. We even build the bases plus insulate the internal if you are using a shed for storing food. Our sheds also supply electric power plus shelving.

Fencing, Hayward’s Heath

Fencing, Lewis East Sussex

Fencing, Worthing West Sussex

Fencing, Wivelsfield West Sussex

Fencing, Wivelsfield Haywards Heath

Fencing - A Christmas Request

Two days prior to closing for Christmas, we had a request from a client in Horley, Surrey to assist in making a fenced garden secure. The job was complete by 16:00pm, Friday 21st December

Fencing - 150 feet of new post & rail

A fence post bolted to concrete spurs will last for years. This job included major tree surgery

Fencing - Gates made to measure

Any size or style

Fencing - Free advice for new fences

A client just around the corner asked us to quote and we did within 24 hours. We converted the quote on a long-term solution rather than price. The client just had an extension to their house including a new low brick wall. The builder advised timber posts (as we would) but said the cheapest way he knew was to fix the posts in the ground then bolt them to the new wall. The problem with timber posts in the ground is that the posts root in about ten years. It may be cheap but not in the long term. Our free advice was not to do as the builder advised as the garden was in a very windy corner. As you will see we set concrete posts which will outlast any timber posts. Once the posts had set, we bolted the timber posts to the concrete.

Turfing - Largest lawn we have taken on

Over 2000 square metres of top quality turf plus 180 tonnes of turfing soil.
The job took 9 days with four staff

Our gardening services include removal of the most invasive property killer, IVY

You would think removal of ivy and placing a new fence in place would be easy, WRONG. This project involved removal of ivy that was 20 years old and the base root was over 15 inches in width.
So please watch your ivy as it could cost a lot of money.

Two weeks of hedge trimming using specialist equipment reaching over 50 feet high

Trimming 300 metres of yew hedges, opening up a 150 metre driveway. The width of the driveway was opened up by 3 metres. We also trimmed a complete green canopy and nearly 20 tonnes of oak tree was removed.
Contracted for next year as well.
What a team I have.

Garden Furniture & Features

We also maintain garden furniture & the surrounding features.

Neglected lawn at Paddock

We love them as challenges turn out to customers dreams come true.
Today temperature 30 no shade our team took on a new garden about two acres of neglected lawn @ paddock our client want a lawn which it will be in time.
We will be removing many lower tree beams to give our client more east view to the garden.

Final steel piece to garden

At last just finished.
Loads of money but more importantly finished will last for 30 years or more.

We can do what other gardens never think of

From a tree roundabout that was built with log rolls that on average only last 5 years to modern building with mild steel that will last for 20 years plus
Designed by us made by our local blacksmith
Modern yes , modern

It’s Child’s Play

Yes as above We try to have fun @ Green Garden Services

Scarifying a very important start to the season

We are now adding our lawn care department by spraying not using dry graduals which is best during dry periods as if not watered can burn the lawns

Find us on Checkatrade We have Public Liability Insurance Hedges Direct

We are now registered to accept credit card payments from all card companies no excess charges to clients.
Payments can be made on site on completion of work.
All Cards Accepted