Bespoke Garden Handrail

Bespoke garden & fencing services in Haywards Heath.

At Green Garden Services 1946 as well as providing premium gardening services and fencing services we’re always more than happy to utilise our skills in any other way that may help. A perfect example of this is a project we completed recently. An elderly client mentioned that they were a little unsteady on their feet, especially during wintry weather. They were concerned about the safety of using the steps in their garden, which didn’t have a handrail.

We knew we had to help, so we quickly got to work and built a bespoke, wooden handrail. Before long we had it bolted to their brick wall, ensuring that it was safe and sturdy, all ready to be used. It was such a simple solution and offered them help and confidence in going up and down their garden steps.

The client was surprised that we managed to put it all together so quickly however they were thrilled with the final product. If you have any issues within your garden please just give us a call to discuss it. Our comprehensive range of expert garden services can be utilised in many circumstances and we’re confident that regardless of the situation, we can deliver the perfect solution.

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Bespoke Handrail - Fencing Services
Bespoke Handrail - Gardening Services
Bespoke Handrail - Fencing Services